What is a website?

A site is a resource consisting of web pages (documents), united by a common theme and interconnected by links. The site is registered on one physical or legal person and is necessarily attached to a specific domain, which is also its address.

The site is also an information unit on the Internet. One site can have one single page or a huge number of them.

Each page of the site is a text file or a set of them, which is written in a markup or programming language (php, html, css, etc.). After downloading to our computer, all files of this format are processed by the browser, and in the end we see the finished page of the site.

What does the site consist of? Everything is simple:

  • The domain name of the project is the site address, for example, albakoff.ru. This domain is a second-level domain. There are third, fourth, etc. For SEO, the 2nd level domain name is most effective;
  • Hosting or server – the place where the files of your site are located. All files of your site are not stored in the clouds, but are physically located on any device, the place on which provides hosting;
  • Site files and project management system (cms) – most modern websites are built on a specific management system for ease of use. The most popular are wordpress, prestashop, opencart, drupal, joomla, etc. All their files are stored on a specific server. In addition, the site has a database, various files (images, videos, etc.) – which are also stored on the server.